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Unless you live in a clay hut and drive around on roller skates, you are undoubtedly familiar with the need to lock your car and house whenever you exit them. Since the invention of the lock and key, mankind has been perfecting its security systems, with new and sophisticated locks appearing on the Car market each and every year.
Yet one thing that cannot be maintained through the invention of new technologies is human memory. One of the most recurrent scenarios reported by car owners is the incident of being locked out of their car. With car alarms achieving new and advanced modes of operation, we drivers who are the operators of these systems, are at many times left to deal with the curiosities and quirks of our alarms and security systems. Many a time this amounts to being locked out of our car and in need of car lockout services.

Do Not Try Fixing it By Yourself

Perhaps the most troubling thing about being locked out of our car is the temptation of solving the problem by ourselves. The keys might be right there on the driver’s seat staring at us, and we could simply break in and start the car. This is a grave mistake since ten times out of ten, breaking into your car without the proper tools leads to damaging it and causing harm that is both very expensive and time consuming.
At BoardWalk Towing we offer to resolve any lockout situation for our fellow Anaheim drivers. We employ a team of certified lockout experts who are experts in all the latest technology and will safely and accurately tend to all your car’s lockout needs.

Leave It to Us

As proud members of the Anaheim automotive community, BoardWalk Towing offers secure and optimal car lockout services that are both affordable and effective, aimed at solving any lockout situation and getting you safely driving your car again. We have perfected our service so our solutions can be delivered in the quickest time.

Services include:

  • Complete lockout solutions, such as lock picking, lock replacement, rekeying, key replacement and programming new keys and locks
  • Extracting a broken key from your ignition switch
  • Installing key systems and alarms

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