Last Weekend’s Rainstorm Cries Out – Emergency Towing is a Life Saver

The massive rainstorm that took place last weekend and hit the I-10 highway which connects California and Arizona, is the most devastating seen by Boardwalk Towing experts in this area in the past 20 years.
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Floods and Wildfires Shutting Down the Area

The great state of California, home to our beloved community of Anaheim, was hit by a terrible rainstorm last weekend, quite surprisingly one might add, due to its timing – during the month of July which is considered the driest month in this area. This was also a combination of extreme weather conditions, almost biblical in proportions, that makes life somewhat harder these days, as the area suffers through a drought, was hit by a powerful rainstorm, and also suffers wildfires, all at the same time.
Things have become even more complicated due to I-10 shutting down. It all started when the after-effects of tropical storm Dolores hit the area, leaving main roads destroyed and drivers injured. One of them, a truck driver who drove the I-10 at that time, was caught inside the vehicle while it got trapped under the collapsed bridge. The driver was pulled out from the wreckage and was rushed to the hospital. This shut down interstate, is the main route for more than 20,000 vehicles per day, on their way from southern California to Phoenix. Authorities have announced it would probably take months before the passage will be up and running again.
The incredible heat that lingers in these areas during this time of year has ignited several raging wildfires that trapped vehicles and terrified drivers in those roads. One of the more frightening attributes of such wildfires is the speed with which they travel.
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A Joint Effort in Assisting Our Community

Emergency towing services were working around the clock those days, including throughout our local community of Anaheim, which has also sustained damages due to the storm. Clearing the roads from impaired, burnt, and flooded vehicles was a crucial cooperation of towing services and fire fighters, in order to gain control over the fires and floods and in order to regain control over much needed roads. Emergency towing services were working around the clock to recover drifted and half drowned vehicles from collapsed roads, as well as flaming cars mere feet away from raging flames. It was a nonstop rescuing operation, including transporting residents and commuters to safety.
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Closing Roads As Well As Beaches

Authorities have also closed dozens of miles of beach line along the coasts, warning surfers and swimmers from strong currents inside the waters, due to the rainstorm. Wind coming in at 40 miles an hour can turn the beach from a pleasant R&R area into a dangerous one.
These extreme conditions only demonstrate how much emergency towing services, such as those of Boardwalk Towing, are crucial. 24/7 availability complimented by a fast ETA can considerably assist in damage control and even in saving lives.

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